Winstrol: Oral Capsules vs Liquid Forms

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is one of the best steroids in the bodybuilding circle. So there is no question why this is also the top selling product on the market today. Winstrol is usually available in oral capsule form and liquid form. Until now, there is still an ongoing debate pertaining to the efficacy of these two.

Drops of liquid Stanozolol or the capsule form provides the same results, but there are people who can’t stop talking about wanting to determine if which form is better than the other. Some users believe that capsules are less effective, causing side effects in some cases after using Winstrol liquid drops like the Winstrol depot.

Oral Capsules vs Liquid Forms

What You Need To Know About Winstrol Capsules

In the early 60’s Winstrol was first developed that year. Now, it is considered as the oldest, approved testosterone derivatives that are being sold today. But before it became the star of the bodybuilding public, Winstrol was first used as a treatment for hereditary angioedema in both men and women.

Through the years, Winstrol then became a treatment for severe anemia. This is because Winstrol is showing a promising progress in helping with the construction of the red blood cells in the body. There was a time that Winstrol became a weight gain aid for patients with Diabetes. Because of all these benefits, more and more people became aware of what it can literally do.

The Dosage Recommendation for Liquid Winstrol and Oral Pills

When Winstrol is used in oral form, the most recommended dosage will be at about 5mg to 10mg daily. But if you are going to use the injectable form, 25 mg to 50 mg is enough to provide optimum results. But in order for you to use this drug legally, you need to provide a doctor’s prescription for most countries.

The Possible Side Effects of Winstrol

In the medical society, Winstrol is known to treat a wide variety of diseases, making it very useful in this aspect. But it cannot be denied that despite all the fuss about the benefits, there are still side effects that are linked to Winstrol use. But there are Winstrol side effects that can be treated with medicines, and there are some that are too complicated where a consultation with the doctor might be required.

Some of the side effects that are reported include abdominal fullness, insomnia, and chills. There are also cases where lower libido and muscle cramps are reported. There are some reports that show the possibility of Winstrol to cause breast development or gynecomastia, as well as changes in libido in men. There are also women-exclusive side effects like the changes or total cessation of the menstrual cycle as well as hormonal imbalance.

When using Winstrol, it is important that you understand the different forms of this product. The drops of liquid Stanozolol, as well as the oral pills. There are really no proven differences in both of these forms. Just the route of administration. Regardless of the route, what’s important is that you know the reactions that you should expect as well as the possibility of negative side effects in your system.

Charles A William