Will Tankless Water Heaters Replace Tank Water Heater For Good?

A water heater can be very expensive especially for a homeowner that has been living without it. In previous years a lot of people used the traditional water heater with a tank, but right now the tankless water heater is what seems to be trending because of some of its amazing features.

In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons why a lot of people are switching to using a tankless water heater and we are also going to know if the tankless water heater will be able to displace the Traditional tank water heater for good.

Will Tankless Water Heaters

What is a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters are units that use powerful burners to heat water that runs through it. When you open your tap, cold water rushes to the unit, where they are heated and then pour out of your hot water tap. Most tankless water heaters are powered by either electricity or gas and some studies have shown that using tankless water heater is a great way to save energy.

How traditional water heater works.

The traditional water heater has a storage tank that can hold from 30-50 gallons of water. The water in the storage tank is heated and stored until they are needed in the bathroom, kitchen, and other destinations.

Typically, the tank of the tank water heater uses either electricity or gas to heat water. Studies have also shown that using a tank water heater is 50% less energy efficient because they are expensive to maintain.

 The energy efficiency of a tankless water heater

The average home demand up to 41 gallons of heated water each day. The tankless water heater can meet up to this heater effortlessly without using too much energy.

Purchasing a tankless water heater will cost you slightly more when compared to the traditional water heater, but you will benefit more if you decide to spend more money to get them.

For starters, the tankless water heater can last up to 20 years and even more but the tank water heater can last up to 13 years at most.

Another thing is that tankless water heater does not take much space, you can even install them in the structure of a building, but a tank water heater will require a lot of space to mount its tanks.

Reasons why a lot of people prefer a tankless water heater

  • The tankless water heater can produce hot water whenever you need it, you will not have to wait for 30seconds before getting hot water. The tankeless water heater can deliver up to 3 gallons of hot water per minute. The traditional water heater may take up to 30mins to heat water.
  • They don’t take too much space
  • They last longer
  • They are cost-efficient in that, homes that use tankless water heater spend less on energy bills. This is due to the fact the tankless water heater minimizes energy loss. In the case of most traditional water heater, energy is lost from the storage tank. So, if you don’t use the hot water in the storage tank quickly, they will become lukewarm and you will need to re-heat the water (more energy) before you can use.

Drawbacks of tankless water heater

  • They are expensive to purchase when compared to the traditional water heater
  • Installation can be costly when compared to replacing a storage tank
  • They might not be able to meet up if the demand for hot water is too high.

If your budget allows you to purchase a water heater, the best choice will be to buy a tankless water heater, because they will need little or no maintenance after you have installed them.

As each day goes by a lot of people are leaving their tank water heater behind and are now using a tankless water heater. The reason for this is simply due to the fact that the traditional water heater cannot meet up with their hot water demand.

If you read carefully the pros and the cons of the tankless water heater, you will be able to discern that they will replace the traditional water heater for good.

Charles A William