Why All Natural Skin Care Lines Are Incapable of Compete?

Centuries ago, people only used to use natural ingredients on their skin simply because they basically didn’t have any other options. Different types of clay were commonly used for improving skin tone, as were different types of fruits and vegetables. Extremely wealthy women would even bathe in milk in their quest for a far more youthful appearance.

Then, along came the cosmetics industry and it has been growing ever since. Today it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that is thriving in just about any country in the world. The majority of the industry however, is dominated but just a few big brand names. For many years these businesses, including the smaller ones, show hardly any concern with regard towards the safety and health of the customers.

Their ruthless profit driven ambitions also have caused unimaginable pain and suffering towards the millions of animals that were used for testing their products and the many different ingredients getting used. When they had initially centered on making their products with 100 % natural ingredients only, they would never have had any reason to use laboratory animals. Fortunately, this practice is actually nonexistent today.

Natural Skin Care Lines

Pricing – Regular vs. Natural:

There tends to be a typical misconception that healthy skin care products cost more compared to regular type which individuals happen to be buying for years. In reality however, many products made only from natural ingredients cost no more than regular products.

Generally speaking, it is only whenever you look at big named brand items that you will notice a noticeable difference in price. Many of the big companies have launched their very own all natural skin care lines, you will find, they are doing have a tendency to charge their customers more of these products, however this is simply a clever online marketing strategy. Okay, therefore we have ruled out higher prices as being thing that is reducing the growth of natural products.

Safety and Health:

Trust me, if you work with regular skin care product rather than all natural ones, you will be horrified should you sit down and research a few of the ingredients that are listed on the labels. Okay, I understand that only a few people find yourself getting around to researching different ingredients, but let’s face it; most people are already conscious of the fact that natural goods are better for you than those containing chemical additives. So, if people learn about this, and given that natural goods are generally no more expensive, why aren’t more people with them?

Advertising and Marketing:

I have just given you the answer. The unbeatable success of the big brand names is really a direct result of clever advertising and marketing, plus a generous serving of dishonesty. Now, it may seem my remark about dishonesty is a bit out of line, but several top brands have found themselves in hot water with regulators. More often than not, for the reason that of excessive digital image editing.

Companies intentionally manipulate images so as to mislead their customers into thinking a particular method is more effective.They also have the money to pay for well-known celebrities to feature in their adverts. When you are seeing exactly the same brands of products are being advertised everywhere you look, every day, you can easily be persuaded into believing what a company wants you to definitely believe.

This is why people tend to change brands so often. They are promised leads to fourteen days, but those results are never materializing so they proceed to a different brand. It is simply a vicious circle, but individuals will continue to be drawn into it. It is just when people try all natural skincare products that realize how wrong they have been. Most never revert back to while using products they once stood by no means.

Charles A William