What You Need To Know About Armodafinil

Have you heard about armodafinil before? For those who don’t know, modafinil molecules contains two enantiomers. These two enantiomers are the R and S modafinil. The R modafinil is said to be stronger than the S modafinil, and armodafinil contain the R modafinil. This makes armodafinil more active than modafinil. You can buy armodafinil tablets online from any pharmacy store and give it a try if you strive for a more intense experience.

Armodafinil tablets like waklert are mainly for people suffering from chronic fatigue, excessive sleepiness and shift work disorder. Apart from that, armodafinil also enhance brain performance and makes one memory sharp and alert.

Though all armodafinil tablet takes longer time to take effect when compared to modafinil, but when it takes effect, the experience is far more intense than modafinil.


Waklert is an armodafinil drug manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical. Waklert contains 150mg of armodafinil. It is one of the most popular armodafinil product widely used. It is a wakefulness drug used by business executives to kill fatigue, boost motivation and to decrease daytime sleepiness.

University students use this drug because of it cognitive amplification and the ability to help them stay focus for long period of time without feeling dizzy. Student swear that taking waklert do help boost short-term memory.

Modalert on the other hand, is a product of modafinil which performs similar functions as waklert. The only difference is in their milligram, price, quality and production rate.

Modalert contains 200mg of high grade modafinil which is enough to give users the peak performance experience needed for the day. For more about modafinil tablets, you can check for online modafinil reviews so you can know more about the drug.

Both drugs are government approved and certified to be sold to users anywhere in the world. There has been no case of death associated with these drugs neither do they have negative side effect if the recommended dosage is followed.


Waklert and modalert are package in high grade aluminum blisters with a hard plastic coverings containing 10 pills per strip. The packaging preventsthe drug from any external damages or leakage.


First time users or regular users of waklert are advised to stick with 150mg a day. Those suffering from shift work sleep disorder should take the drug one hour before the main activity.

For modalert or any modafinil drug, it is recommended for first time users to take 100mg (one pill split into two) a day. It is expected that this dose is enough to give the desired results.

For regular users with daytime sleepiness issues, a 200mg dose per day is enough. Users of modalert are not expected to exceed more than 400mg a day for any reason.


The shipping of any of these drugs is done within 24 hours of payment confirmation. Your order will be sent to you within 7 to 14 days. Orders can be made using a credit card.

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