What the Value of Telomere Testing is to You

The buzz about telomere testing has everyone talking. It involves genetics by looking at the biological age of a person. Apparently, studies link a correlation between the lengths of telomeres in a person’s DNA and aging. When these are short, it means the person is more susceptible to illness. Hence, could die earlier than someone who has longer telomeres.

Testing companies have already begun marketing their services. The question of mortality appeals to many who want to know how long they will live. However, the science is still in its early stages and experts are still skeptical about its usefulness. Even so, it appears to have renewed people’s curiosity about their own health.

Value of Telomere Testing

What Telomeres Can Tell You About Your Health

The plastic tips at the ends of your shoelaces are there for a reason. Without it, the shoelaces will start to unravel. Eventually, it could fall apart. Similarly, telomeres act like plastic tips at the ends of your DNA.

When your cells divide, the telomeres protecting it shorten as part of the natural order of life. Over time, these become too short and make it impossible for cells to divide further. Moreover, the rate at which the length of telomeres shortens increases among those who live an unhealthy lifestyle.

What Actions Negatively Affect Telomeres

Unlike shoelaces wherein you can replace the tips, science has yet to find a definitive method of safely replacing telomeres. Hence, it’s in your best interest to know what actions can negatively affect it. As such, you can take the necessary measures to deal with it. Moreover, possibly opt for an alternative, healthier lifestyle.

Check Your Diet

The fast-paced lifestyle most people have makes them more likely to be on a poor diet of sugar and processed food. Between work and family life, many tend to grab and eat what’s convenient rather than what’s healthy.

Check Your Actions

The rise of passive forms of entertainment contributes to the rising number of people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Then again, watching TV, playing video games or using the computer is not bad per se. However, when done excessively then it creates a problem. A sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercise can age cells faster. Moreover, an individual becomes more susceptible to diseases related to aging.

Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol can also shorten one’s lifespan. Likewise, the lack and poor quality of sleep reduce the body’s ability to rest and recover.

Check Your State of Mind

Anxiety, depression, the feeling of loneliness, as well as long term unemployment can trigger the release of stress hormones. When this happens, the body feels like it’s in a state of crisis. This results in elevated blood pressure, quickened breath, and a faster heartbeat.

If kept in this condition for long, the body starts to wear down from the pressure. At the same time, it can affect a person’s mood, efficiency, as well as relationships. Hence, the quality of a person’s life can seriously diminish.

Knowing what actions can negatively affect your well-being is the first step to improving your health. Likewise, telomere testing could provide you a detailed account of your physical condition at a cellular level.

Charles A William