What Percentage Of Women Have Breast Augmentation In The Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

With the innovations in cosmetic surgery field, the trend of breast augmentation surgery has been increased and each year almost 39 percent of women go for breast augmentation in Dubai for two common purpose including cosmetic reasons and reconstruction of breast after cancer.

Breast augmentation treatment:

As widely known, breast augmentation in Dubai is a surgical procedure that gives extra volume to women’s breast. This technique is becoming essentially required by those women who have lost their fatty tissues of breast after child birth, breast feeding, during weight reduction process or after cancer treatment. Breast augmentation procedure is equally important in all of these cases. It uses various implants surgeries like silicone and saline implant which are on the top of a woman’s wish list.

Every woman who has small or very low cup size urges to have breast augmentation surgery to look more attractive and to get the complete look. This surgery also makes the skin tight and lifted when done with breast lift surgery jointly. The major reason for breast augmentation is the increases sense of self confidence in women.

breast augmentation in Dubai

Percentage of women going for breast augmentation surgery:

Now an important concern is that how many women are in the line to get the breast augmentation Dubai. Females seek for this breast enlargement surgery because of some important reasons written as follows:

  • After child birth
  • After cancer treatment
  • For breast reconstructive purposes
  • For cosmetic reasons
  • To deal with small breast size
  • To look more attractive and to complete their personality

Due to all these reasons, breast augmentation surgery is an important factor. Out of all these reasons, few undergo breast augmentation for breast reconstructive purposes and most of the women have it after pregnancy and others found saying that they like to have breast augmentation as a part of cosmetic surgery.

Given below are some of the statistics that how much percentage of women go for breast augmentation surgery and for what reasons:

90 percent of women take breast augmentation after child birth:

When a woman gets pregnant she begins to breast feed her child and due to this boobs lose their fatty cells and sagged down. To get rid of dropping breast, the volume in breast is needed which is possible through breast augmentation surgery. Most of the women’s percentage that tends to have this surgery are mothers which makes up to 90 percent of total women.

75 percent of women have it for cosmetic purposes:

More than half of the women percentage goes for breast augmentation surgery die to cosmetic reasons. As they have small cup size and zero volume in their boobs so to get the complete look of a woman with appealing personality 70 percent of women go for this surgery.

29 percent of women go for it for breast reconstructive surgery:

As cancer, a fatal disease will be so harmful that it takes a woman’s breast. To cope up with this matter, women have a option of breast reconstructive using certain implants. Therefore around 25 to 30 percent of women have breast augmentation Dubai after mastectomy.

Charles A William