What Are The Most Common Gum Diseases?

Oral health problems always bring us headaches, and above all the problems related to teeth not only create an obstacle when intake but also pose a cosmetic problem and a cost very high for repair. Here in this article, you will read what are the most common gum diseases so that you are alert to any symptoms. And it is that good oral health is essential for overall health. Since any problem, the sooner you know that you suffer before you put a solution.

Sometimes you worry about having a perfect smile and teeth look just like a Hollywood star. For this you go to different home remedies, specific toothpaste to remove stains or mouthwash to eliminate bad breath. Everything works little to have whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. However, do you know which are the most common diseases that occur in the teeth and mouth? Well, let’s see all of them!

Most Common Gum Diseases

Most Common Diseases Of The Teeth

Caries. It is certainly the most common disease of the teeth and also one of the main causes of tooth loss. The main symptom is pain that occurs once the disease is in the tooth root. The solution is the elimination, by the dentist, the whole structure of the affected tooth.

Gum recession. Caused by a bacterium inflammation and bleeding gums occurs. To some extent due to inadequate dental hygiene and food that get stuck between teeth. It can cause bleeding gums, also in more extreme cases where loss of alveolar bone that supports the teeth occurs, which would produce a loss of these.

Pyorrhea. It is the expulsion of pus through the gums. It is caused by poor circulation of the blood vessels in the gums and by a lack or improper oral hygiene.

Leukoplakia. It is excess cell growth in the lining of the cheeks, gums or tongue. It is very common, especially among the smoking population.

Halitosis. It is a disease that causes a bad smell from the mouth. It affects many people and accounts for the person who suffers a major type of gum disease. Also, it is a brake on their personal and work relationships. It can be caused by bacteria.

Tips for taking care of your teeth

  • Avoid drinks too pigmented as juices, wine, different teas, soft drinks, coffee whose benefits are high, but not particularly for teeth, alcoholic beverages, etc. The perfect drinks are milk and water. The latter type of drink does not affect pigmentation of the teeth, plus milk helps them to strengthen them.
  • Sweet is the number one enemy for teeth. Of these, chocolate apart to lift your spirits, is least harmful to your teeth, so if you have a need to eat something sweet, opt for a few ounces of chocolate.
  • Avoid the snuff. The snuff is one of the worst enemies of the teeth as well as the lungs and throat.
  • Brushing teeth, tongue and gums, once after each meal. If you do not have the possibility to do so, either because you are away from home or because you have forgotten toothpaste and brush, you need to use a sugarless gum to help cleaning.
  • Use mouthwash. Despite the fact that prevents caries and helps teeth in general, their misuse can cause stains on teeth. You use it at night is more than enough, since it is the time when you are no longer using your teeth.
  • Eating apple and strawberries on a regular basis. Biting apple clean teeth naturally removing stains that may exist in it.
  • Make a routine dentist visit to know your oral condition, if you have cavities, it is best to eliminate as soon as possible otherwise could happen to other teeth.

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Charles A William