Water and Weight Loss – 5 Facts    

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Water is the most important compound element we know of. Our entire living ecosystem is based on water, and scientists are looking for water in deep space, as that might also mean alien life.

Our bodies are also extremely dependent on water. More than 60 per cent of our body is water, making that element extremely important for the proper functioning of our organs, muscles and bones.

Water is also often linked to weight loss – with many people saying it can speed up weight loss, balance the body and improve overall health. Some use reputed supplements and lose weight with Phentermine or similar additives, they too work well but let’s focus on just water here.

Looking at pure facts, it seems all of that is true. Here are five facts regarding water and weight loss.

Weight Loss

Speeds up metabolism

The speed of your metabolism is key to you losing weight. It’s basically how fast your body can transform food into energy, and then spend that energy to fuel your body. The faster the metabolism, the more efficient the weight loss. According to WebMD, water can speed up your metabolism.

Increases energy levels

By drinking enough water, you can increase and maintain a healthy energy level. Enough energy will give you strength, not only to go about your day, but also to work out in full strength and for prolonged periods of time, making your workouts better and thus improving your weight loss results. Also, don’t forget that dehydration leads to fatigue, and proper amounts of water will rid you of toxins.

Makes you feel full

If you spend more energy than you consume, you’ll lose weight. That’s basic math and basic biology. But how does water fit in? Well, by drinking more, you’ll feel full faster, meaning you’ll eat less. And if you consume less energy than you spend, you’ll burn that fat faster than you could say ‘chocolate chip cookie’.

Protects your joints

If you want to work out and lose weight, you need to protect your muscles, joints and bones. Water is an extremely important factor in this struggle. According to a short report by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), drinking enough water regulates your body temperature, lubricates and cushions joints and protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.

Don’t overdo it

However, don’t overdo it with the water intake, as that can lead to water poisoning. Yes, that’s a real condition and it can, in most extreme cases, lead to death. You’ll hear a lot of information around the web how everyone should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, but don’t fall for that – every person has different needs. Just make sure you don’t feel too thirsty all the time, as that means you’re dehydrated. Also, increase your water intake while working out and you’ll be just fine.

Drinking plenty of water is crucial for your wellbeing, physical appearance and mental state. It will help you lose weight, stay in shape and feel rejuvenated. Don’t avoid it, don’t replace it with sweetened products, and most importantly – don’t overdo it!

Charles A William