Top 5 Benefits of Using Rowing Machine in Fitness

The man had been striving hard to remain healthy and fit. To remain fit, every one of us adopts doing yoga, exercises and brisk walking. Each exercise is essential to keep us healthy. But in this computer age, we all find difficult to keep ourselves healthy because of paucity of time and busy schedule. Another reason for not doing any exercise is due to pollution and traffic in our surroundings. We all want to do good workout, but always in some controlled and positive environment where we can get all kinds fitness machines, healthy atmosphere with positive energy. In such a case, when we take a decision to live a healthy lifestyle we all join a gym to do workout rather than going for a walk or running etc. But finding best rowing machine isn’t simple, you need to consider lot of factors before you choose best rowing machine for you.

Rowing Machine in Fitness

Among all workouts done in a gym, rowing exercises are the best and ideal way to get a fit body. Now-a-days rowing exercises have become very popular. Men and women, both are capable of doing the exercises in this fitness equipment. It can be performed in a group or individually. At the gym, the workout done on the rowing machine is best performed in a group with loud music with the instructor with high level of energy, where you can burn your extra calorie effectively. Workout done in rowing machine has become famous because of many health benefits and also at the same time it helps in toning all body muscles. If you have done thirty to forty minutes of exercise in rowing machine, you will surely get super feeling and you will remain fit. No doubt, rowing machine is among the most famous fitness equipment in the gym.

What Is a Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is just like the exercise which is done by rowing a boat in the water. In the machine, there is a monitor where speed and calories burnt are displayed. You can sit on the machine just like you sit in the boat; there is a flywheel where the handles are attached to it. When you pull the handle, a rope is attached to it. While performing rowing exercises, your body is pulled backwards along with your hands and thus the seat slides away.

Using Rowing Machine

There are basically four main steps while performing the exercise- Catch, drive, finish and recovery.

Catch- While starting the exercise, you have to hold the handles, while your knees are bent in sitting position.

Drive- When to drive, tremendous energy is needed to pull the handle towards your body where your knees are also extended. When the knees are in a straight position, you will continue pulling the handle towards your chest.

Finish- While finishing the exercise, you will release the energy the legs are still stretched. And your body is going backwards.

Recovery- In recovery, you will again go back to the starting position. While going back, no energy is required.

Benefits of Rowing Machines

Here we are discussing, top five benefits of using a rowing machine for improving your health and fitness. Take a look-

  • Strengthen and Toning Of Muscles

Rowing machine works great and effectively for the working of core muscles. To stabilize the body during the motion the core muscles are being used constantly. While doing work out in the rowing machine you tone and strengthen the lower back and also your abdominal muscles. It is a great workout for your legs because when while doing the exercise in the machine you need to push yourself backwards and your leg starts working. So you will notice that your whole leg is working as the squad, hamstrings and glutes. At the same time, your upper body is also greatly involved and in working position as you has to pull your body backwards. It is a good workout for your arms and shoulders which helps in strengthening and toning muscles.

  • Helps in Weight Loss Effectively

Rowing machine gives the same benefit as a boatman who gets by rowing his own boat in a lake or river. Rowing a boat needs tremendous power in which whole upper body, lower body, arms and legs are involved. You burn lots of calories and make yourself lean and thin. You will definitely get rid of unwanted fat. The rowing machine is capable to achieve the same effort and hardship as rowing the actual boat in the water. So, if you have the main target to reduce weight and get rid of that extra fat in your body, then rowing machine will effectively and efficiently help you to achieve your target. If you do an intense workout on the rowing machine, then you can burn 377 calories in 30 minutes.

  • Boosts Cardiovascular Fitness

The rowing machine is a perfect machine to do cardio workouts. Workout done in rowing machine is highly beneficial for the lungs and heart; this is because all important groups of muscles are engaged. The volume of breathing and heart rate is raised when the workout is done on the rowing machine. This machine is very much helpful in improving and strengthening the cardiovascular system of the body.

  • Low Impact on Your Joints

Another great benefit of the rowing machine is that your joints will never get any harm. This happens because your hands and legs are fixed and also you are in a sitting position. Basically, your feet are fixed on the foot pads and your arms are holding the handles that are why there is no impact on the joints as knees, ankle, hips, shoulders and also in elbows. These joints get injured very easily and rowing machine assures to protect all your joints while doing exercises. The rowing machine is the perfect equipment for old aged persons to young persons. You will never feel uncomfortable or uneasy while doing a workout on the rowing machine as compared to walking, running, heavy weight exercises etc.

  • Helps In Reducing Stress

This equipment is capable to reduce stress and depression from your life. It has been noted that physical exercises when done with pleasure and in a happy mood then it stimulates pleasures in the center of your brain. As rowing machine is a great cardiovascular exercise, it raises the amount of endorphins which is released in the body. And thus, all your stress and depression is reduced and you will feel good and happy.

The rowing machine is the best known for the home fitness machine, where you can perform all your cardio and toning exercises well at home. You can do your high intensity workout at home while watching TV or listening to your favorite music. This equipment is very much convenient and easy to handle. You can keep it anywhere you like at home of your choice like under the bed. The machine is low in cost, so you can purchase it anytime whenever it is suitable for you. If you go for comparison of price with other fitness equipments like treadmill or cycling bike, you will find rowing machine is much cheaper. Looking at all these benefits of rowing machine, it will make you feel excellent fitness equipment for a workout. But in case, if you have never used rowing machine before then it will be good to take an advice from an expert trainer in the gym before starting exercises.

Charles A William