Top 4 basic Importance of Online Consultation in the Hair Transplantation

It is an important aspect in receiving the hair transplant procedure to go through the online consultation in order to know about the state of hair loss and the precautionary measure at a right time with an expert Surgeon. The importance of online consultation is peculiar as it is necessary to identify the present state of baldness to apply the feasible technique of the restoration procedure to meet the desired goal of the hair transplantation. The consultation plays a major deciding factor in choosing the restoration technique, the number of grafts to cover the bald area and the most important factor, the cost of hair transplantation.

The hair transplant is a peculiar plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure due to its importance of re-achieving the natural looks and this is the reason that is given importance to hair transplant in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai.

Have a consultation with a board-certified Surgeon from your home is possible with the online consultation that saves your money, time and energy as well.

The procedure of hair restoration is only allowed when a patient crossed the age 25 and has the healthy donor area with that gives the DHT-resistant hair roots. It is also important to know that what is the genetic background of the patient or is he/she affected by any chronic disease! The certain medical condition and medications can give the wrong effect if the restoration procedure applied. Henceforth, it is important to identify the exact condition of the patient before recommending the surgical procedure.

Here we are mentioning the top 3 importance of Online Consultation in the Hair Transplant Procedure are as follows:

  1. Consultation with Board-certified Doctors: Nowadays, it is all possible to receive the consultation with a board-certified Doctors and Surgeon in a single click by filling-up the online consultation form. The reputed and leading clinics and Doctor provide the facilities of online consultation to help the patient with utmost benefits. This is an easy medium to get the expert advice with sitting at home and assisted with valuable suggestions.
  2. Quick Review and Personal Response: You can get a quick review of your submission and experts send you a personal response via mail towards your state of hair loss. A quick review of the case helps in analyzing the treatment method and the required number of grafts and the cost of the same.
  3. The Required Number of Grafts: The pre-procedure consultation helps you in identifying the required number of grafts as according to the state of hair loss as well as the present grade of baldness. The graft is what that is needed to implant on the requisite recipient site to cover the bald area with full of hair. Per graft cost in India ranges between Rs. 25 to 120 INR/.
  4. The Cost of Hair Transplantation: The best value to get the online consultation is that it decides the cost of the restoration procedure as well. The patient who undergoes the procedure must know about the cost of the surgical procedure before the surgery to arrange the treatment in the best possible way. However, we can say that the cost of the procedure is identified in advance to get a smooth restoration treatment.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplantation gives the best outcomes if it is performed by the expert Surgeon at the right time with the right hand. It is mandatory to go through the pre-procedure consultation whether it is online or offline in order to prepare the things as match your expectations.

Charles A William