Things You Should Know Before Injecting Testosterone

Men diagnosed with low T can use the testosterone replacement therapy to boost their natural levels. However, everyone cannot inject testosterone. If you have been recommended, then you need to know how to do it. It is important to choose the right injecting sites to have the most efficiency of the drug.

Process of injecting testosterone

If your doctor recommends you hormone injections, you must follow those properly, and choose your injection site. Before you do a do a testosterone injection you need to thoroughly know and figure the site, and then use the drug.

You know must that synthetic testosterone is classified as a Schedule C drug because it can be moderately abused. These drugs are only used with prescription, and the dosages depend on the brand that you use for injecting. Most testosterone solutions are injected intramuscularly. There are some steps to follow for self-administration. There are some ways to ensure proper use and sterilization. You need to use:

Injecting Testosterone

  • alcohol swabs or alcohol/cotton balls
  • syringe
  • needles

Every injection should have a fresh syringe. The one-milliliter syringes are enough and can be purchased from your local drugstore or pharmacy. The needles packed in different sterile containers are purchased from local drugstore or pharmacy with prescription.

How to inject testosterone?

Your doctor might recommend you to use a specific type of needle gauge to draw testosterone solution from vial. You could need another gauge needle for the main injection. The needle length and size depends from one site to another. There is a different length recommended to be injected in the gluteal muscle or into the deltoid or thigh muscles.

Ask your doctor to show you how you must sterilize your skin and the vial tip before you inject yourself. He will show you how to fill the syringe. Make sure you don’t exceed the recommendations. Make sure that you have understood the process before leaving the doctor’s office.

The best thing to do is let you doctor give you the first few injections, so that you can how he prepares the syringe. Carefully notice the site he adds it to. You might not always be correct while adding it to a vein.

Best sites for injecting testosterone

  • Injection for shoulder – deltoid muscle in upper arm
  • Injecting into the glute – either the upper gluteal (upper buttock muscle) or upper outer quadrant of buttock cheek
  • Side of buttocks (outside portion of buttocks muscles)
  • Injecting into thighs – there are several injection sites at front or sides of big thigh muscles

Before you do a do a testosterone injection you have to follow caution so that there is no injury or discomfort. Before you insert the needle in your skin, you can slightly depress the plunger for producing a drop of this drug and it will cling to the tip of your needle. This part is oily in natural and can work like a lubricant. Also, swab your injection site with alcohol and place needle in at 90 degree.

Charles A William