The Role Of A Paediatric Audiologist In Treating Dizziness

Sometimes, a seemingly minor health problem can escalate into a higher issue if immediate steps are not taken to address it. One example can be of dizziness.

Dizziness and its connection to the vestibular system       

The vestibular system comprises inner ear and its parts and the part of the brain that processes sensory information, which in turn is responsible for the control of eye movements and also balance.  The system is one of the important systems in human body. After headache, dizziness and vertigo are the commonly seen problems in people. Any state of faintness, or feeling lightness in head, or a sudden floating feeling or giddiness are what dizziness is. Vertigo is a state in which the person feels that his environment or his self is rotating or spinning. Even children as young as a newborn can suffer from such symptoms.

Paediatric Audiologist

There can be many reasons for dizziness. It can occur due to inner ear disease or migraine. Persons who have suffered traumatic brain injury can also suffer from dizziness. Other possible causes are Meniere’s disease, Ototoxicity or toxicity caused by certain medicines, acoustic neuroma and more. Even anxiety and ageing can cause dizziness in some. Thus, it is vital to understand what has triggered dizziness in an adult or a child.

Diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and other vestibular disorders

It is necessary for a person who suffers from frequent bouts of dizziness to seek the help of a professional audiologist. They will use multi disciplinary approach in investigating the cause of dizziness and will help you manage the condition. An extensive evaluation is what is needed to find the root cause of dizziness and to check if the issue is fatal or not. The treatment of dizziness involves VRT or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, medication, canalith repositioning manoeuvres and more. In some cases, surgery may be advised. Dietary adjustments and home exercises are also prescribed.

Of the many forms of treatment, VRT or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a specialized form of treatment. It is helpful in assuaging primary and secondary stages of disorders in the system. It consists of many prescribed exercises meant to lessen dizziness and vertigo symptoms. People who suffer from vestibular disorders will have to face it for life because the chances of vestibular functioning normal are nil, but with VRT, it is possible for the person to lead a normal life and lessen dizziness spells in future.

These symptoms can also be experienced by a child and hence, it is necessary to approach a paediatric audiologist who can evaluate the symptoms, check the history and then suggest appropriate treatment. It is also important that you understand the earlier diagnosis, the better. Many a times, it may be a small cause which can be alleviated with timely treatment but if ignored, it can lead to serious damage and even irreversible hearing loss. That is something, you as a parent, cannot risk. Thus, be sure that you take an appointment of a paediatric audiologist as soon you sense something amiss regarding the hearing pattern of your child. Visit for more knowhow.

Charles A William