The Possible Side Effects Of Using Steroids

The possibility of a side effect of any drug cannot be overruled whether it is genuinely prescribed by a physician, supervised and monitored by him or taken over-the-counter, misused, abused or self-administered. But individuals such as body builders or athletes using hormone-based supplements or steroids are at a higher risk of developing side effects due to the use which is often for non-medical reasons. The possibility of side effects also increases in such cases due to the high doses of the supplements that are consumed by them. While the side effects can vary from individual to individual, some of the most common complaints include itchiny, priapism and hair growth.

Oxandrolone- Side effects and their reasons

Side Effects Of Using Steroids

It is essential to be aware of how a steroid will affect one’s body once it is consumed. It is common for people to have side effects with the consumption of several steroids in spite of the precautionary steps that the body builders take while consuming them to reduce their potential risks.

There are a number of benefits that Oxandrolone is known to have such as:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase in size
  • Overall development

All the above benefits and results are however possible only with the recommended dosage and careful monitoring of the consumption of the supplements. The problem arises when the body builders or athletes consume higher doses of the supplements than are recommended, to get faster results.

Following factors are to be considered seriously when consuming steroids or hormone based supplements:

  • Comparing the use with reference to milligram strength
  • The frequency of dosage
  • The length of use

Apart from not considering the above factors seriously, another serious blunder that most of the body builders and athletes make is combining the steroid with other forms of steroid like Testosterone (with the anticipation of getting faster and better results). The risk of side effects increases depending on the form of Testosterone that is used.

Oxandrolone-some common side effects

Some of the most common fears associated with the use of Oxandrolone are:

  • They result in estrogenic effects. In simpler terms this means development of breast tissues in men, also known as development of gynecomastia.
  • The androgenic properties of Oxandrolone are known to affect women more than they affect men.
  • Another commonly prevalent side effect is Virilization. The symptom includes development of male characteristics in women. This involves a number of side effects like changes in the skin, enlargement of the clitoris, deeper voice, itching, priapism and hair growth of facial or body hair.
  • Anabolic steroids have also been believed to negatively affect the metabolic and endocrine functions.
  • Their use affects the levels of cholesterol, and blood pressure. It also results in suppression of Testosterone and testicular atrophy.

There are several websites that claim that if the steroids are used as recommended and for the recommended cycle, followed by rest, the side effects are minimized automatically.

Charles A William