The most effective Essential Oils for Cracked Heels

Besides being used to help different diseases and conditions, essential oils can also be used onto the skin to improve issues for example cracked heels. With the proper oils, now you can enjoy a spa treatment in your dried-out skin to improve your cracked heels. The fundamental oils are botanical concentrated oils which are used for aromatherapy and massage.

Before using your oil, around the cracked heels, start by soaking the heels in tepid to warm water and taking advantage of a pumice stone to slough off the dead skin cells. You can then massage the oil onto the heels and wear cotton socks to keep stains on clothing and furniture minimal. Be sure you dilute oils using olive or vegetable oil for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. But which oils are best for cracked heels?

Lavender oil – It is one of the best because it has regenerative, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are together help in improving the cracking. You can add a few drops in warm bath water or perhaps in your moisturizing lotion after which apply to the heels when retiring to bed. Remember to wear cotton socks and have a considerable time massaging the oil therefore the oil is effectively absorbed. You’ll enjoy the additional advantage of higher sleep.

Essential Oils

Peppermint essential oil – This oil has omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are great in nourishing the skin. The menthol will help with soothing skin that is irritated. Make a foot scrub using the oil, coarse sea salt, cornmeal and dry oatmeal for the greatest results. You can then massage the dry scrub to the heels and soles to exfoliate.

Eucalyptus oil – It works on cracked heels by killing viruses and bacteria which can be termed as root causes of blistering and cracked heels. The oil soothes dried-out skin also and can be accustomed to disinfect running sneakers and socks.

Lemon oil – This essential oil has great benefits to cracked heels because it removes skin toxins, improves circulation thereby hastening the recovery process from the body. The oil is also a great choice in brightening dull skin and warming feet. You’re able to benefit from the added benefits of improved relaxing and refocusing your brain.

Tea tree essential oil – It happens to be a very common ingredient in foot scrubs and lotions as a fungal medicine and deodorant. You can mix with peppermint to moisturize cracked heels and relieve any pain present. Another way of reaping better results on cracked heels is combining this oil with lavender and rosemary in a warm foot bath before soaking the cracked heels. After that you can massage olive or almond oil and canopy using cotton socks to help keep the heels moisturized during the night. Remember this is that tea tree oil could be irritating to sensitive skin, hence you might consider diluting before utilizing it.

When used in the right way, essential oils can be extremely beneficial. Choose high-quality oils to savor the results you are searching for and do as instructed useful.

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Charles A William