The Importance of Pre and Post Workout Protein Shakes

Protein is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It helps in repairing external and internal damage and provides support to the immune system. It contributes to the feeling of general wellbeing. Proteins are used for transporting messages, carrying out DNA instructions, preserving, defending and repairing the essential functions of life.

Why Does a Person Working Out Need a Protein Shake?

During exercise muscle fibers tear and break apart and require repair. Protein plays a vital role in repairing these torn muscles. Protein is generally acquired from the diet from foods such as soy protein, beans, nuts, etc. For a person who works out, the protein acquired from the daily diet becomes insufficient and it needs to be supplemented with food items like powders, protein bars or shakes.

These protein supplements such as Amino Focus contain all the vital nutrients for increased energy and augmented caffeine effects, mood elevation, alertness, and focus. To encourage more customers to buy the supplements they are available in an array of flavors.

Protein Shake for Those Working Out

What is the Importance of Consuming Protein Before and after a Workout?

Before the workout, protein helps in reducing the muscle damage that is brought about by exercise and supplies the muscle components for rebuilding the tissue. Protein consumed after workouts and immediately after post-training helps in delivering more amino acids to the muscles for rebuilding when the synthesis or repair of muscles has great potential. If the body does not receive enough protein after a workout, it cannot maximize repair and thereby limits the gain from an exercise.

Along with proteins, the carbohydrates are important to consume before and after a workout. Consuming adequate protein before and after workout lowers muscle damage, stimulates growth and speeds up recovery to a great extent.

What is the Muscle Building Window?

It is essential to supply nutrients to the body during the post-training metabolic window which lasts for about 1 to 1.5 hours after an intense training period. During this period the body becomes receptive to the uptake of nutrients. Without a proper supply of nutrition, training-induced increase in muscle strength, performance or size is not possible. The muscle building window is active as soon as you stop exercise. From this time onwards, the muscle recovery activities start to decrease.

When this window closes, you cannot make up for the gain in muscle size despite eating perfectly for the rest of the day. The post-workout feeding activates the muscle-building period, which means the gain in muscle size is less without having a post and pre snacks.

What is the Importance of an Effective Shaker Bottle?

An effective protein shaker bottle, like the Vitalix shaker bottle, is essential to avoid buildup and clumping. They have a curved base, rounded bottom and are provided with weighted shaker balls for avoiding clumping. They are provided with leak-proof lids for easy mixing, shaking and cleaning. Moreover, they are easy to clean, transport and fits almost all drink holders.

All gym freaks should know about the importance of acquiring additional protein supplements before and after working out in order to gain maximum from their workouts. For more health and fitness blog visit Emerging NewsHub 24.

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