The Holy Liquid – How Is It Administered

Fitness and health freaks are always in search of the next big thing which will change the game, which will push their performance to the next level, which will turn around life for better, which provides that satisfaction of achieving something in life.

Every fitness enthusiast knows that a proper diet, exercise, rest and supplements are all that are required to achieve that chiseled look and feel on top of the world.  The confidence that body oozes and the respect one receives are beyond expression.

The Holy Liquid

While all enthusiasts know how to maintain diet, and exercise regimen the one ingredient that takes the game to next level is usage of supplements.

A wide variety of them are available in the market at different grades, prices, forms and effects. Lot of enthusiasts prefers the oral method.  A popular compound dianabol is worshipped by body builders.  It’s a combination which works with whey protein as a base along with other components.  This increases nitrogen in muscles, which is the building block for growth.  The more nitrogen, the more protein retention.  This is loved and used by body builders across the world.

The other commendable way of using this supplement is the liquid form of it, which is easy to administer, has multi-fold effect and yields great results. However, it is always good to understand the dosage for liquid drops under the tongue. These liquid drops are methylated to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Since there is an addition of methyl group to a carbon, these will travel through the liver without being filtered by it.  If this methylation is not done, liver filters it out and they do not get into the bloodstream.

Since the liver passes them, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and start showing their effect.  The aspect to ponder here is these liquid drops which are methylated having a heavy impact on liver functioning which may hamper the liver over prolonged usage in the long run.  This is not a recommended impact over a person’s health.  Therefore, this method is not regarded as the best one to administer these liquids.

The other method to administer these drops is to inject them directly into the veins and help them enter the bloodstream to perform.  This allows bypassing of liver and saves liver from toxic impact.  However, this method also has its pros and cons.  Infections and yeast formation are the biggest of the negative effects of this administration.

Liquids have a higher life and impact when injected into the blood stream, this may be on the higher side of 6 hours a day.  This also means there should be multiple injections administered basis the requirement of dosage.

Though there are no major objections to buying the liquids online, there are a lot of side effects of administering these injections.  Some of them include hair loss, excessive hair growth on the body, liver toxicity, hormonal acne, water/fluid retention, virilization in females.

The end result of using liquids like these is to train, target, perform an activity which needs massive strength, once the activity is over, slowly disconnect from the liquid.

Charles A William