The Best Hair Transplant Procedure in Jaipur

The hair loss or baldness is a state of complete loss of hair from all over the scalp except the safe donor area usually, the back and sides of the scalp portion. The hair loss with the particular grade are occurred due to the genetic history as the male hormone, Androgen (Testosterone) is responsible for the baldness. The genetic factor presents both the male pattern baldness as well as the female pattern of baldness. The male pattern baldness is more severe than the female pattern as the state of complete baldness only occurs in men and female pattern characteristics are presented in the form of thinning of hairlines or widening the gap between the partitions. Most of the men are affected with the male pattern baldness all over the world and the solution to get over this problem is the hair transplants. The Testosterone, a type of an androgen hormone with the effect of an enzyme, named 5-alpha reductase catalyzes the formation of DHT from testosterone in certain tissues, including the hair follicles causes the severe hair loss problem in the form of a baldness. The hair transplant in Jaipur offers you the best treatment at an affordable cost along with the benefit of the expert hair transplant surgeon. People from all over the world used to come to Jaipur to get the best treatment of the restoration procedure with the aesthetic concerns of the procedural aspects followed by the best surgeon in the Pink City, Jaipur India).

Hair Transplant Procedure in Jaipur

Why only Hair Transplant for the Hair Loss/Baldness?

The hair transplant procedure is a core chapter of the cosmetic surgery, which involves the shifting of hair follicles from the hair zone to the no hair zone on the scalp in order to fulfill the need of hair grafts to overcome the problem of baldness. The hair transplant procedure is of two types, namely, the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplants and both the technique have a goal to harvest/extract the hair follicles, but in the different mode of technique which actually decides the success of the procedure as according to the patient’s state of baldness. The FUT procedure involves the excision of the strip of the skin from the safe donor portion which assures you about the permanent long-lasting results as the hair roots of the safe donor area are resistant to the effect of the DHT (DI-Hydro Testosterone) that causes the hair loss problem. The hair transplant procedure is only a final option if you lost your hair completely and no other alternatives are as much compatible in order to get over the problem of baldness if performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon.

A longest lasting Hair Roots Vs. Permanent Result with FUT

The only procedure, which gives the hair roots with all the natural effect and result can possible with the hair transplant. The alternates like the wig, cap or synthetic hair can only be a temporary way to hide your baldness and if you want to get over from the problem completely, you must take the hair restoration procedure by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. As the hair grafts are taken from the safe donor portion which has a long lasting results in order to survive on the scalp and the technique of FUT (follicular unit transplant) must be performed by the Surgeon to get the grafts from the safe donor area as the FUE involves the random punching to extract the grafts that target both the safe as well as the unsafe areas of the scalp results in less sustainable hair roots.

Must consider the Technique and cost before the Procedure

The pre-procedure consultation of hair transplant if taken by the expert Surgeon explains each and everything related to the procedure. The particular technique must be adapted by the surgeon in order to sort out the particular grade of baldness. It is a technique that decides the actual cost and it is also the technique which says about the particular number of grafts harvesting strength and put the cost of the procedure accordingly.


On the whole, we can say that the hair transplant is only a permanent solution if you are facing the problem of hair loss/baldness and the success of the procedure wholly and solely depends on the surgeon’s skills, precision of doing the surgery as well as their aesthetic sense to put the hairline design and to apply the feasible technique in order to get the best aesthetic output of the procedure.

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