Professional and residential Remedies For Skin Pigmentation Treatment

During a period of time, as we grow old, the skin we have develops dark spots and pigmentation. This is a natural procedure for aging. That is exactly why our beauty care treatments also needs to include skin pigmentation treatments that help you age gracefully and stop dark circles. Here are a few treatments that you can do yourself at home and some expert remedies that can be done in a reputed skin clinic.

Natural home remedies require patience and also the effects are seen only after consistent and chronic efforts:


Grate a papaya and extract the juice.Apply this juice towards the pigmented area. You can even put it on the whole face to acquire that shine and glow. Regularly apply this for about per month. You will begin to see amazing results. It is because the enzyme in papaya has properties that help remove dead cells. Any time you apply papaya juice, it removes dead cells and new cell generation gradually removes the pigmented parts.

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Almond and milk

It is known that dryness is among the causes of pigmentation. Taking out the dryness is hence essential. Almond contains natural essential fatty acids. The nutrients contained in almonds help nourish it. Milk is known to be a lightening agent. For this treatment, soak almonds in milk overnight. Grind them into a paste. Apply this paste around the pigmented areas.

Guava and banana

The lycopene content of guava causes it to be an excellent strategy to darkening. Banana is also noted for its lightening properties. Make a pulp by crushing guava and bananas and utilize on colored areas.


Avocados are recognized to be rich in essential fatty acids, ascorbic acid and oleic acid. This will make them very good agents for rejuvenation and healing.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter can help soothe and heal the skin because it has antioxidants. Cocoa nourishes and helps prevent hyper pigmentation.

Castor oil

Using castor oil and supplement E leaves your skin smooth and silky. Vitamin E helps revive it.
The following remedies require specialists and you may go for them if all the home remedies fail. Ensure that you visit a well-known clinic of these treatments.

Laser ToningBy using laser toning you can improve texture, tone as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Laser hair removal is also accustomed to reduce wrinkles and sun spots. It leaves a fresh glow.

Oxy Facial

Oxy facial instantly hydrates and gives an immediate glow. It utilizes a combination of ultrasound and pressurized oxygen stream.


lightly removed dead cells with the aid of tiny crystals that flow using a specially created hand piece causes it to be slow and reduces pigmentation. This can be a painless procedure and functions as a quick fix for your skin!

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