Premature Graying of Hair

Premature grey hair is a condition that results when the pigment that is responsible for giving the hair its color is no longer produced in the correct amount. Grey hair results as a natural process that that should only occur to an individual as he grows old or as he or she ages. This implies that at that moment, the body lacks enough capacity to produce melanin to help maintain black hair.  The growth of grey hair is considered to be an irreversible process hence once a person starts developing grey hair; it would be difficult to reverse the condition. The hair tissue has a tube which contains hair follicle which contains the pigment cells which produces melanin. The Melanin is the chemical component which gives the hair its color. It mostly takes the form of the color red, blond-brown among others.

As a person grows older, the pigment cells start to die out and the amount of melanin also reduces hence resulting to grey or white hair. Graying is associated with age, but nowadays, people will tend to develop the growth of grey hair even at a young age. And as a result, people relate the growth of prematurely grey hair to many factors.

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Graying of Hair

Causes of premature growth of grey hair

Inheritance is one of the primary considerations of the cause of prematurely grey hair.  Genetics and hereditary factors play a major role in determining the time of hair turning grey. If a family is known to be having premature grey hair, then there will be very much high chances that a person will inherit the genes and develop grey hair prematurely.

Premature grey hair can as well be caused by some medical conditions that a person may have. These conditions may include thyroid disease, which affects the development of pigment cells hence affecting the production of pigment in the hair thus causing grey hair.  Deficiency of vitamin B12 is also another cause of prematurely grey hair and also vitiligo.

Premature grey hair may also come as a result of lifestyle factors that a person subjects him or herself to. One of the primary causes of prematurely grey hair in a wake of the lifestyle that a person lives in is smoking. Smoking affects the development of hair melanin which is important in giving hair its color thus causing premature grey hair. Stress is also another major cause of prematurely grey hair as a result of the lifestyle choices that a person makes. Another cause for premature grey hair is taking poor diet which later results in a nutritional deficiency.  Besides that, premature grey hair can be caused by using too many electric dyes and hair irons. These electric dyes and hair irons affect the pigment cells in the hair this affecting the growth of melanin which is responsible for hair coloring.

Premature grey hair is a condition and a person affected should be alert to find out the major causes of the development of prematurely grey hair. If it is about the lifestyle choices that a person makes, it will be important for the person to change his or her lifestyle appropriately in order to address the main causes of the graying of hair.

Signs and symptoms of premature graying of hair

The signs and symptoms of premature graying of hair include hair thinning, loss of hair color before reaching the age of thirty-five years, headache especially if the grey hair is caused by nutritional deficiency or other health conditions. The other symptom of grey hair is having brittle hair.

Remedies for premature graying of hair

One of the best remedies for grey hair that has been widely used is using curry leaves combined with coconut oil. This combination works best, especially when it has been boiled, cooled and applied to the scalp daily.  Additionally, another remedy for grey hair is taking supplements. Supplements are important as they help in dealing with the grey hair condition. The essential supplement is using liquid colloidal copper.  Soaking the mixture of liquid colloidal copper in a cotton wool and rubbing it on the scalp works best as a remedy for preventing the growth of grey hair. The other solution for preventing the growth of grey hair is through the use of rosemary and sage treatment. The mixture has worked for many people and is considered to be essential if the mixture is boiled then applied to the hair daily.  Rosemary and sage oil are mixed equally; both one cup then the mixture is boiled for thirty minutes then left to cool. The combination of these mixtures is then applied to the hair daily. Using it frequently works best as a remedy for grey hair.

Prevention is better than cure, especially when having a grey hair condition. This is because curing grey hair condition is sometimes irreversible. Preventive measures involve living a good lifestyle and treating any deficiency before it results in a permanent state.

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