Pessaries: What They Are and Why We Need Them

Vaginal pessaries are removable devices that are placed into the vagina. They are used to support areas of pelvic organ prolapse. Today the market of medical systems can offer a great variety of such devices so that you can choose the best fitting and matching one. With the help of such systems you will feel more comfortable and confident in yourself.


What to Expect

Pessaries are fitted and installed at your personal doctor’s office. Remember, that some cases also require installation of urinary collection systems for the primary stages of the treatment, so do not be surprised about it. The doctor will try different possibilities to find the best fitting and feeling one. Keep in mind, that during the first session you also need to learn how to, clean, and reinsert the pessary you have.

Why Is It Done

Pessaries together with urinary collection systems are frequently used to treat other gynecologic conditions, for instance wrong position of uterus. They are the safest and most effective way of treatment if you want to avoid operative intervention in case of prolapse.

Doctors say that pessaries are also very frequently advised to women who have symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse or if their childbearing is not complete. In case a woman has higher risks for surgeries because of chronic heart or lung diseases, doctors also prefer using pessaries as the main way of treatment.

How It Works

It is very important to understand and keep in mind that pessaries, unfortunately, cannot cure the problem of pelvic organ prolapsed, however they do help women manage and slow the progression of prolapse. These treatments create additional support to the vagina and so help the tissues and muscles of the pelvis increase tightness. Together with pessaries women frequently use unitary collection systems at the primary stages of treatment to ensure that first of all the treatment goes well separately and feels well; after the first stage is completed the collection systems are deleted and the natural functioning of the body begins to restore.

What to Consider

As a rule, pessaries and used together with urinary collection systems for managing any possible pelvic organ problems, such as prolapse, without turning to surgery measures. According to professionals pessaries are best for women still planning to have children, because they help to treat a problem and at the same time save you from surgery risks.

The very important fact about using pessaries is their combination with birth control devices, such as diaphragm. Most frequently the latter cannot be used together with the former, so in case you are using diaphragm for birth control purpose it is highly advised to consult with your doctor.

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