Is tinnitus kind of hearing loss?

Tinnitus is not one kind of hearing loss. Hearing loss is defined as the loss of sound inputs. But tinnitus is a ringing sound or some kind of disturbing sound generated in the inner ear where cochlea and other nerves which takes the elective impulse to the brain. And it is found in research that tinnitus does not cause hearing loss to anybody but the reverse is absolutely true. Yes, any hearing loss could be the reason for tinnitus. The hearing loss usually could be reason of infections, wax formation, damages of ear parts and nerves when exposed to the harmful sound or environment. The ringing sound is generated within the ear not by the environment sound amplifications. No particular part of inner ear is identified as root cause. Also no particular method is invented to treat the tinnitus. No treatment is developed to the problems but to solve particular symptoms. People suffered from tinnitus experiences anxiety, depression and insomnia. All the medical methods of tinnitus treatments are made to solve these symptoms. All the symptoms are caused by the disturbance of ringing sound. Some surgeries are reported that they have solutions by cutting the nerves that causes the sound. But it is not very effective solution. Some non-medical methods are reported to lessen the disturbance. So some meditations are proposed to reduce the symptoms. An electronic device with the combination of hearing aid and noise generator is used to suppress the noise generation inside the ear. This is found to be effective solution yet now.

tinnitus kind of hearing loss

The other symptoms like stress and depression can be controlled by relaxing yourself by having through knowledge about the tinnitus and understand the problems that you are facing is just the part of the symptoms of your problem. Do not try anything that stimulates your nerves like caffeine and drinks even smoking can increase the stress.

Neuromonics treatment

Neuromonics is a kind of tinnitus treatment that can control the effect of the tinnitus but not a cure. Medically no permanent cure is found yet. Try adopting the best treatments like neuromonics. By getting this treatment, chronic tinnitus can be put into control which would be troubling you for long period. It is not a sound generator or hearing aid which amplifies the atmospheric sound and lessens the effect of tinnitus. It is a kind of mp3 like mobile shape which offers pleasant acoustic music which stimulates the brain function not to response to the tinnitus ringing sound. So it is simply going to stimulate the nerves and correct the tinnitus volume to lower level so that brain cells will not response to it over a period to time. So your focus on the tinnitus sound will be no more a disturbance to your sleep and health. You have to practice with the device two to four hours a day. This technology is proven and awarded as a best design. For different patience different acoustics can be set to stimulate the nerve and bring it back to function to some extent. At the initial stage work out with four hours then you can reduce it to half an hour in nearly four months. After that an audiology checkup will tell you whether to continue or stop using the device. Once the usage of device is stopped, then you have to follow regular therapy to maintain the progress.

Charles A William