Is Anabolic Steroids Legal in the UK in 2017?

When we talk about the law for anabolic steroids, the legality of purchasing, procuring and holding them is also different in each country. While many countries discourage the use, some have even listed some anabolic steroids under the list of controlled substance. Hence, whether you a resident or visiting the country, you ought to know the law of the country for your safety reasons.

Steroid laws in UK

Once upon a time, UK was the place to get steroids and was called as “steroid heaven”. But that’s not the case now. Under the UK law, steroids are classified as class C drug, which mean it is an offense to possess or to supply steroids. The point to be noted here is, one can possess steroids in UK for personal use only. Importing or exporting them is allowed only in person and through any type of delivery services. There is difference in possessing them for personal use and the intention to exchange or sell them. Hence, the punishment for possessing steroids is an imprisonment of 2 years and/or fine which is unlimited. It is also illegal to possess steroids for selling or supplying and if the law finds you guilty of importing or exporting them or you are caught supplying them, then you may either have imprisonment for up to 14 years and/or some fine.

It is also illegal to buy steroids online in UK. According to the amended act in 2013, it is illegal to possess, produce, sell, exchange, export or import drugs for any reasons.

Anabolic Steroids

Use of steroids: A knowhow

In UK, one can import steroids for personal use. But this does not mean that they can actually buy steroids in full quantity. Many people possess steroids for medical reasons and after the law passed in 2012, the government removed the requirement of “medical reasons” for possessing steroids. This is due to the fact anabolic steroids are being used for many reasons. Government has strict control over the market, without any legal work towards banning steroids. However there are still underground markets where people can buy steroids. Hence, there is no clear picture of the reasons and ways of procuring steroids due to ignorance. For this reason, NHS has suggested a research to be carried to understand the reasons for use of anabolic steroids.

There are many laws in place that classify both medicinal and also non-medicinal drugs. Police has the power to stop the use and even search people for suspicion of possessing anabolic steroids.

How to buy Anabolic steroids in UK?

If you are looking to buy legal steroids in UK, there are 3 options to it. First is to get a prescription from the doctor who is available only for the patients and for any other reasons. Second way is to buy steroidly online where most of the cases of online purchase are scams and the last option is to buy legal steroids that are an alternative to the illegal ones and are easy to buy in UK.

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