Impact of Sulbutiamine (Arcalion) on Psycho-Behavior

Taking high dose of sulbutiamine may lead to side effects. People may experience skin rashes on their body. The other side effects include depression, nausea and headaches. It is highly recommended to discontinue using the drugs if you experience any of the symptoms. The sulbutiamine should be taken as and when needed rather than taking if continuously. The patient can even be addicted to the drug if taken for long term. The subutiamine is the only drug that is considered for the treatment of Asthenia, psycho-behavioral inhibitions and for memory enhancing drug by increasing the thiamine triphosphate in the body. Sulbutiamine high dosage can also impact the functioning of the body and have other side effects as well.

Sulbuthiamine drug is used to improve the asthenia and the quality of life in the patient suffering from chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases.

boost the memory and energy

Common side effect

Some of the common side effects that are caused after taking Sulbutiamine are mentioned below:

  1. Central Nervous System: The Sulbutiamine Arcalion drug may cause headache, irritation, mood swings and loss of appetite in the elderly patients.
  2. Skin Effects: may also effect in dermatitis, epidermolysis, itching of the sking and lupus symptoms.
  3. Other side effect: kidney failure, increased uric acid levels, nausea and conjunctivitis, inability to sleep, tiredness are other symptoms of the drug.
  4. Insomnia: the main function of the Sulbutiamine Arcalion is to boost the memory and energy. This will have an adverse effect on patients sleep pattern, the hyperactive mind will not allow the patient to sleep. There are suggestion that the patient can follow if using sulbutiamine
  5. Gastrointestinal Problems: people might think how the sulbutiamine does is connecting to intestine? This drug is related to brain? You are right this is brain supplement but it also affects your intestine. Whatever you take drug or food supplement, every thing passes through the digestive system and then to the brain. Excess use of the drug and low quality of the drug can lead to serious threats and negative impact on the body. The reason to have side effects is due to inability to digest these chemicals entering into the bloodsteam. If the patient feel abdominal pain, gas or diarrhea then these are the symptoms of the drugs.

If the patients find any of the serious allergic symptoms like swelling, hives difficulty in breathing or swallowing he needs to be taken to the nearest emergency center. Breast feeding should be avoided or the breast feeding women should consult the physician.

Do not take sulbutiamine!

Every person is not advised to take this drug. These are highly not recommended to people

  • Who are allergic to the drug?
  • If the patient is below 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant women should not consider the drug during pregnancy

The sulbutiamine drug is not recommended for all patients. The drug should only been taken with proper physician recommendation. Patient who wish to use the drug should consult or inform his doctor before taking sulbutiamine.

Charles A William