How To Treat Your Migraine Or Headache The Natural Way

Headaches; annoying, time wasting and downright painful but unfortunately something many people suffer quite regularly. Of course a headache or migraine doesn’t have just one cause but can be brought on by a number of different reasons. If you are feeling particularly stressed it can bring a headache on. If you are eating the wrong sort of food or drink such as cheese or chocolate, that can also contribute. If your posture is bad that can also lead to a tension headache or even a lack of sleep can result in a migraine.

Treat Your Migraine Or Headache The Natural Way

Finding The Cause

It can often be pretty simple to find out what is causing your migraine or headache simply by a process of elimination, however finding a reliable way of getting relief from the pain is often more difficult. Often, over the counter painkillers don’t have much effect but you may have more success if you pay your GP a visit as they can prescribe something much stronger. Of course this is not the route everyone wants to go down and many would prefer a more natural way of treating it instead.

Lavender oil is one treatment that may help. Buy the pure 100% oil and add a few drops to hot water to inhale. Add a couple of drops to a tissue to inhale whilst on the go or add a few drops to a burner to use in the home.


Try relaxing in a hot tub as a way of beating the pain. Many people have found hot tubs to be a successful way of treating headaches and a way of taking time out for themselves to de-stress at the same time and Vita Spa ( outlined to us that they’ve seen a huge increase in recent years in the number of people buying solely for the health benefits which they offer. From aiding relaxation to a whole heap of ‘hydrotherapy’ benefits, a hot tub can be a fantastic way to wind down and, most importantly, to help combat a headache which you simply cannot shift otherwise.

Try a scalp massage. Simply massage gently at the base of the skull or around the temples to provide an effective relief from the pain and tension.

Treatments such as these are completely without side effects and can be used along side conventional forms of treatment.

Charles A William