How to Reduce Wrinkles on Aged Skin   

Having wrinkles is normal, and they are the roadmap of life. However, very few people like it when they start appearing. Certain habits and behaviors increase the risks of developing wrinkles and so it is important to watch out what you do if you want your skin to continue looking younger. This article delves into Wrinkles Reduction approaches.

Reduce sun exposure

Some people like their skin to have a sun kissed glow. Tanning can damage your skin and can increase the amount and rate of wrinkles appearing. When the sun penetrates the skin’s support structure it dries the skin out which promotes wrinkles. To halt this process efforts should be made to reduce the effects of exposure to the scotching sun. Wear sunscreen, and extra efforts should be made when applying sunscreen lotions on your hands and face. Specific products, with a higher SPF, are made to protect your hands and face from sun exposure which will aide in preventing early signs of aging.

Aged Skin

Stop smoking

Smoking is bad for your skin and greatly accelerates the aging process.

Check your sleeping position

Your pillow may be one of the causes of the wrinkles that appear on your face regardless of how soft it is. It can put pressure on your face and can etch lines into your forehead, cheeks and chin. Ensure that you check how you rest your face on your pillow.

Check your weight

Gaining or loosing large amounts of weight can easily damage your skin. When the skin is repeatedly stretched, it loses its elasticity and results in wrinkles. Most weight loss professionals recommend a plan that is a slow process. They have found that most people keep the weight off when it is shed at a slower pace. This also gives your skin adequate time to adapt to the changes. Also, avoid binge eating that results in rapid weight gain.

Eat a balanced diet

Just like any other organ of the body, your skin requires good nutrition to help it function properly. It requires vitamin B and biotin to help it renew itself.  In addition you need to eat vitamin C and E to serve as antioxidants. Eat tomatoes which contain vitamin C and biotin. Also, eat carrots to give your body vitamin A and biotin. Lastly, ensure that you eat plenty of leafy vegetables and almonds because they are loaded with vitamin E.

Drink enough water

Drinking plenty of water is important for everyone, and is especially important if you are looking to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Daily water intake stops the skin from becoming thinner and drier since it keeps it hydrated. It is recommended that you drink 6 -8 glasses of water a day. Individuals suffering from heart diseases and kidney related diseases should talk to their doctor to determine the amount of daily water intake.

Banana Mask

This is a powerful fruit that is not just good for eating, but may also be used in combination with other household items to reduce signs of aging. Mash one banana, add a teaspoon of yogurt, and a tea spoon of orange and let it rest for 20 minutes before applying it on your skin. The vitamin A helps to fade dark spots, potassium will hydrate and moisturize the skin while vitamin B will promote Wrinkles Reduction and prevent aging. This mixture also contains vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Consume minerals

Intake of selenium is important because it is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals before they damage the skin. It also helps to restore the elasticity the skin may have lost.

Charles A William