How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is an integral part of your home or office. It not only helps you to enjoy a balanced environment, even during extreme weather conditions such as the hot summer weather. It also improves the indoor air quality and allows you to breathe pollutant and allergen-free air thereby preserving your health. A new air conditioner from a leading brand like Lloyd comes with a warranty of one to 5 years. There are certain things that can help you in prolonging the life of your air conditioner.

The positioning of the indoor and outdoor unit

The positioning of the outdoor and indoor unit is critical for the longevity of the air-conditioner and its overall performance. The outdoor unit is responsible for rejection of heat and drawing the outside air into the cooling system. There should be ample free space around the outdoor unit and any type of blockage or obstacles around it like leaves should be routinely removed.

The indoor unit should be installed at least 2 ft. away from the ceiling. It should be at least 10 m away from the outdoor unit. Its placement should be such that it’s below the position of the outdoor unit. This helps in minimizing the load on the compressor.

Filter maintenance

A clean filter is necessary for optimum airflow. If it’s dirty, it blocks the airflow and affects the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. The air-conditioner may pollute the indoor due to ingression of pollutants and allergens rather than preventing such pollution due to filter blockage.

The filter blocks the pollutants and allergens, so its cleanliness is critical to maintain and improve the indoor air quality. The filters should be periodically replaced, especially in cases of heavy usage and dusty environment.

The coil fins maintenance

The coil fins are a part of the condensing unit and are fragile in nature. It should be checked periodically since it gets easily bent. Coil fins when damaged or bent may cause airflow blockage. A tool known as fine comb can be used to comb them back to their actual positions.

The outdoor unit during inactivity

The air conditioner can be inactive due to a number of reasons such as during winter months or monsoons. The outdoor unit should be properly covered whenever the air-conditioning unit is not in use. It helps in preventing technical damage as well as dust and water clogging.

Bi-annual inspections

A majority of air conditioners from leading brands like Lloyd breaks down due to lack of maintenance or inexpert handling. It’s better to make sure that the biannual inspections and any maintenance or repair activity is carried out by the company technicians. The biannual inspection and servicing keeps your air-conditioner in pristine condition and enhances its longevity.

Timely maintenance and routine inspection is a necessary aspect of improving the life of your air-conditioning unit and keeping it functional for a long time. The above mentioned ways can help you in this regard and defer the need of a new air-conditioning unit for a long time.

Charles A William