How to Choose the Right Drug Rehab Clinic

The news and popular opinion suggests that there are far more cases of drug addiction today than there have ever been before.  This may be due to the higher profile of drug abuse and the fact that it is much more accepted as part of the stress and temptation of modern life.  This may have made it more acceptable to take drugs, but, it has also made it more acceptable to admit you have a problem and seek help.

Some drug rehab clinics are state funded; if you are on a low income you may have no choice in where your drug rehabilitation takes place.  However, if you are paying for your own treatment or have insurance to cover it then you will have to decide the right drug rehab clinic for your needs.  The following tips should help:

Drug Rehab Clinic


It is not always desirable to attend a drug rehab clinic too close to your current location; it may be too easy to see and feel familiar things, even from the comparative safety of the clinic.  Being away from familiar surroundings will help you to focus on a successful treatment.


Even if your insurance company is footing the bill, you will need to consider the cost of staying in the clinic.  Fees can quickly mount up and drug replacement therapy may continue after you leave the clinic.  It is important to know that you can afford the option you have chosen; you do not need the additional stress of financial difficulties to compound your drug issues.

Treatment Options

There are different ways of treating drug addiction problems.  Most clinics will issue carefully controlled alternative drugs to slowly reduce your addiction and help you start living life again.  An important part of this will include therapy to help prevent you from returning to your drug addiction once you leave the clinic.  This is a common risk as you will return to your old way of life and the old temptations will still exist.  Some clinics will suggest a complete cessation of drugs but this can be extremely difficult and dangerous if you have a strong addiction.  It is vital to see what approaches the different clinics offer and choose the one best for you.


The reputation of a clinic is important.  You can read information regarding them and various testimonials on their website.  However, it is usually better to visit some of the social networking sites and forums to get an idea of the treatment from people who have actually been to the clinic and experienced it.  It is important to remember that some people will have negative comments to make; this does not make the clinic a bad place!  Only if over fifty percent of the comments are negative should you start to worry about this!


Finally, it is important to consider what support is offered after you have left the clinic.  A friendly voice on the phone, follow up appointments, or even a weekly email to follow up, can make a huge difference to your morale and your ability to stay clear of drugs.

Remember, a drug rehab clinic is only the first step to recovery.

Charles A William