How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

You might have lost some pounds, perhaps due to your frequent exercises and eating a little less. However despite the fact that you are at a healthy body weight, you might still be having a small stomach pouch under your belly button.

You might be longing to have to have a tummy tuck like many other moms, but you may be apprehensive of the risks and pain of cosmetic surgeries. Worry no further because there are about two modern body contouring options that do not require incisions. Furthermore, these options have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One of these options is CoolSculpting, which entails the freezing away fat cells. The other option is called Zerona, a process that involves the use of a laser to zap fat. These options work well on the skin.

The two options of are suited for individuals who are not excessively overweight but have some fat in specific areas of their bodies. The fat may be located in your abdomen, hips, and thighs. Experts disclose that the two options are useful if you always eat nutritiously and exercise but have a stubborn bulge of fat that might have remained after your previous pregnancies. The process entails the patient sitting on a chair while a technician applies a freezing suction device to the target area of fat. The procedure may take place without anesthesia.

Coolsculpting Cost

The cold temperature, always above freezing, breaks down fat cells. A candidate will often feel an anesthetizing sensation. It will take about two to four months to realize the desired results. However, some people will experience mild pain, redness, and bruising for some few days after that.

But just how Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

The cost of these processes is a major concern for many people. Research indicates that an hour of treatment would cost you about $700. However, most target areas like the belly pouch require two treatments to attain a 20 percent decrease in fat. On the other hand, your love handles or thigh would cost you $2,800 since both require a separate treatment.
To go through Zerona, you will need about $1,500 to $1,700. This process entails the use of a laser to shrink fat cells. The entire process involves a package of six painless treatments that take place for over two weeks in a doctor’s office. Each of the treatment takes about 40 minutes.

On the other hand, Liposuction would cost you about $4,000 whereas tummy tucks cost between $5,000 and $9,000. More importantly, you will not encounter any side effects, allergic reactions or bruising if you opt for Zerona. These are the common side effects of CoolSculpting. Research has shown that the process removes about 1 to 1.5 inches from every treated area, for instance, the waist, hips, and thighs. However, none of the devices have been tested on other body parts like the neck or upper arms.

More significantly, you should find a specialist whom you feel comfortable with. You may also opt for one who is located in your area and charges a price that is within your budget. It is worth noting that many doctors would require you to visit them in-person for you to know how much the process would cost.

Botox is the widely used cosmetic treatment. It is widely available in Los Angeles. This has made the process cheaper since there is stiff competition in the LA area. You will have a variety of options to choose from.

However, the expertise of a specialist may make you opt for his or her services due to the quality of service offered. You may also determine the suitability of specialist for you in this process based on the reviews provided by patients who have sought the services of the different available doctors. You should opt for the pre-approved doctors since attending their clinics for their services will assure you that they will offer you excellent services that give you value for your money. However, it worth noting that pricing often fluctuates.

It is prudent for you to make a thorough analysis of the available information regarding these processes for you to determine a specialist whose charges match your budget. This will entail comparing the costs of the many experts within your area.

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