Health & Safety In The Workplace – Why Training On Health And Safety Is Important For Businesses?

Introduction –

According to the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974 all employers are required to implement proper health and safety management systems at workplace. This includes people who aren’t directly employed by the company as well. For e.g. – Visitors and Contractors. Many employers think it’s a waste of time and money but workplace accidents can happen anytime without any warnings in companies both big and small. However employees trained on proper health and safety management systems can be an asset. They can avoid such disasters, saving their companies a lot of trouble legally and financially.

Health & Safety In The Workplace

Benefits and consequences –

Training personnels about the basics of health and safety at work will reduce the chances of causing any accidents or injuries. They will know how to act and what to do in case any mishaps do happen. Also, employees that work in a safe environment tend to focus on their work much more deeply because they don’t have to worry about their personal safety all the time. This leads to better productivity and quality work output, increasing profits for businesses in the long term.

Such working personnels tend to be more loyal and happy to their employers as well and are much less likely to leave their jobs in search of rival companies. It saves the headache of looking for competent workers in case of emergencies. Businesses can reap all these benefits and fulfil their legal duties at the same time.

However, not training your staff about correct health and safety measures at workplace can result in dangerous calamities such as –

  • Exposure to harmful Chemicals
  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Breakdown of machineries
  • Mass psychological stress
  • Food Contamination etc.

Companies can incur huge losses due to such disasters and also land in grave legal consequences upon further scrutiny.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to train your staff on proper health and safety protocols and maintain a secure work environment, especially in if you are in an industry such as –

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Fishing
  • Aviation
  • Hospitality

Tips to maintain a Healthy and Safe work environment –

Employers should conduct general risk assessments periodically to determine the safety of working in a workplace. Management should make it mandatory for employees to go through health and safety training programs and educate them about safety standards.

Proper first aid kits should be available in case of medical emergencies or when someone falls ill. All the necessary arrangements should be made to treat individuals that are in need of immediate medical attention. A nurse or a doctor should be available all the time in such cases.

Adequate fire detection systems and alarms should be in placed along with well ventilated escape routes and exit doors. Fire extinguishers should be present throughout the building. Electrical equipments and wirings should be checked at regular intervals as well. Every working staff should receive proper training on how to deal with such emergencies.

Employers should also identify and eliminate factors that cause excessive stress to employees and help to prevent their physical and mental sickness.

Health and Safety advice kindly prepared by CE Safety.

Charles A William