Hair Fall Due To Menopause Is Normal And Lost Hair Can Be Easily Regained

Hair fall is something that every woman is worried about. Fortunately, women never lose all the hair on their skull like men do. But loss of hair should never be ignored as it can prove to be indicator for other health issues.

Loss of hair during menopause

Loss of hair can prove to be depressing, but there is no way to avoid the same. Loss of hair is natural up to certain extent. However, you visit your doctor if the loss crosses certain limit and becomes excessive. Women face this issue while going through menopause and pregnancy as well.

Study suggests that menopause is the period when most of the women experience hair loss for the first time. Women experience hormonal changes during menopause and this triggers loss of hair. Even thyroid condition developed during menopause can cause loss of hair.

hair loss

Menopause complicates things for women and thinning hair adds further stress. It can create several other health issues. Diagnosing if hair fall is directly related to menopause is very important. Only an experienced physician can check the symptoms and confirm the same.  So, ignoring hair fall just because you are going through menopause may not prove to be a good idea. You should visit your physician; discuss the issue with him or her so that they can suggest the right medication.

There is no need to worry even if your doctor has linked your hair fall with menopause because there are several medications available in the market that can help you deal with this issue. Licensed physician would recommend the best suitable over-the-counter medication to you depending on your health condition, allergies and past medical records.

Hair fall during menopause is nothing complicated and as mentioned earlier, many women face it at some point. Just consult your doctor and do bit of online research to find the most suitable medication. Until the last decade, there were several drug manufacturers who offered hair fall treatment for men, but women had lesser options. Fortunately, these days, several companies are offering specially designed formulas for women as well. Opt for medication that has passed quality tests in your country and is most effective.

More factors to worry about

Besides above-mentioned factors, there are other aspects to worry about when it comes to hair fall. Focus should also go on deficiency of vitamins, zinc, proteins, iron, biotin, etc. Too much of animal fat consumption can also cause hair related issues.

Unfortunately, even heart disease medicines, diabetes medicine, blood pressure medication, and birth control medicines can also cause hair fall. This is temporary in most cases.

Hair shaft and scalp cells can get damaged because of exposure to ultra violet rays. Too much of exposure to minerals, metals, chlorine, and cigarette smoke also causes considerable impact on hair life. Water pollution and using desalinated water for cleaning hair also plays spoiler.

Above all, trauma and stress can also damage hair life. According to research, capillaries fail to supply adequate nutrient and vitamins to hair follicles. This happens due to problems related to blood pressure and blood supply caused mainly due to trauma and stress that the individual faces.

Charles A William