Get Rid Of Pain Caused By Surgery And Chronic Conditions Such As Cancer

Pain is a very common symptom in most of the disorders. Pain can be acute or chronic depending on the underlying cause. Many patients complain of pain following surgical procedures. The post-surgical pain usually lasts for a short duration. Some chronic disorders like cancer, arthritis, lumbar spondylosis and rheumatoid arthritis cause pain for a very long duration. The reasons for the sensation of pain in such conditions are explained below:

Causes of Pain in Cancer:

Patients suffering from cancer often complain of pain due to the invasion of the cancer cells into the bones or the soft tissues in the body. The pain is often mild aching with a sense of pressure in this case. The pain may also be felt when the cancer spreads and obstructs hollow organs like the small or the large intestines. The pain, in this case, can be intense or excruciating. Immediate steps must be taken to relieve the obstruction for reducing this pain and for preventing life threatening complications that may occur due to it. Sometimes, cancer patients feel pain because of the invasion of the blood vessels or the nerves by the cancer cells. The pain caused due to the invasion of nerves is called neuropathic pain. The pain occurring in cancer is often aggravated due to the release of some hormones or chemicals produced by the organs affected by cancer. Pain may also occur following the surgical removal of the cancer, after chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Identification of the root cause of pain can help in treating it with appropriate medications. Soma 350 mg tablets is an effective pain killer that can help patients in getting rid of the pain occurring due to cancer.

Chronic Conditions Such As Cancer

Causes of Pain after Surgeries:

The incision made through the skin while performing any surgery is the prime cause of pain occurring after surgical procedures. Though the pain is not felt by the patient during the procedure due to the local or general anesthesia administered, they start feeling the pain once the effect of the anesthesia is over. This pain subsides once the skin incision heals completely. The amount of pain felt by the patient due to surgery varies depending upon following factors:

– General health of the patient
– Preexistence of other medical problems
– Infection at the site of operation. The pain is often accompanied by redness and swelling of the skin with pus formation.
– A break or separation of the edges of the wound prior to healing can also cause pain. This is called dehiscence. It can occur if the staples or the stitches in the surgical wound do not hold the skin together.
– A collection of body fluids or blood under the skin can also cause mild to moderate pain and swelling after surgery. Collection of blood is called hematoma and collection of serum under the skin is called seroma.
– Formation of abnormal passages called fistula between body structures following surgery, can also cause pain.

The pain following operative procedures or due to cancer can be relieved efficiently by using powerful pain killers like Ultram. The main ingredient of this medication is Tramadol. It is a synthetically prepared analgesic. It helps in reducing pain in these conditions by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain, which are responsible for the transmission of pain. This medicine is very safe to use. It does not cause the Lyrica side effects that normally occur due to the use of other pain killers like NSAIDs. For relieving cancer pain or post-surgical pain, patients can take Ultram in a dose of 50-100 mg, 4 times in a day. Alternatively, patients can start using it in a lower dose of 25 mg per day and then increase the dose gradually to reach a dose of 200 mg per day. This helps in developing tolerance to the drug. The maximum recommended dose of Ultram 50 mg generic per day.

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