Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes has got no symptoms at the early stage. Diabetes being a serious and a long term disease, it has A1C tests and blood glucose tests as the effective tools to diagnose it. Testing is necessary since it helps the health care providers and doctors to cure or treat diabetes before it gets more complicated. Testing also helps to treat pre-diabetes and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. The blood glucose levels of a person generally fluctuate on the basis of sickness, meals, exercise and stress. The levels also vary from one test to another. The A1C test determines the glucose levels available in the haemoglobin and reflects the average blood sugar levels that a person may experience over the past 3 months. It is not liable to show everyday changes. Even if the same blood samples are tested over and over again in the same laboratory, the results may vary each time due to changes in temperature, equipments and the handling of the samples. There are certain foods that lower a1c levels in a body and help reduce blood sugar content in a person.

Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar

Along with exercises if a proper diet is maintained and a correct A1c Guide is followed then it is forever helpful if blood sugar can be treated naturally. Below are the lists of foods that lower a1c levels in a human being if proper intake is made in proper amount:

  • Chocolate: Consumption of Dark Chocolate is a boon for people suffering from diabetes. Flavonoids in dark chocolates help reduce the insulin resistance, the A1C levels at a very fast rate and also help to keep cravings at bay. Consumption of these, help in the lesser intake of fat and carbohydrates.
  • Broccoli: A compound named sulforaphane is present in this vegetable. When this substance is eaten, it begins an anti-inflammatory process which helps to lower the A1C levels in a natural way. This also helps to protect the blood vessels from heart diseases which are a major cause in the death of people taking place due to diabetes.
  • Oatmeal: It is high in magnesium. This magnesium content after consuming helps to utilize the glucose properly in the body and also help secrete insulin in a proper way. If the grains are whole in an oat meal, it accelerates the digestion and lowering the A1C levels.
  • Fish: Fish is a type of protein which contains a particular type of fat that help to reduce the body weight inflammation and also the A1C levels and this helps in stabilizing diabetes and issues related to weight. The fish should not be fried.
  • Spinach: spinach along with several other leafy green substances are high in Vitamin K and magnesium and are known to reduce A1C levels. To attain the optimum result, these leaves should be eaten raw or blanched quickly.
  • Turmeric: Curcumin, an active component found in turmeric can reverse the effects of insulin resistance and high blood sugar. Rice and flour bread increase A1C levels but the use of turmeric in the diet counters them.

A person should understand the A1C levels in their body carefully since this is one important factor in diabetes management. If a proper a1cguide is maintained and followed, then one can experience the benefits in no time. Lowering the A1C levels in the best possible way naturally is what one should focus on. Therefore, the above mentioned list contains some of the foods that lower a1c level in a body.

Charles A William