Eyeliner Pencils – For Smokey Enchanting Eyes

“Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul” is a well known proverb which hints on how eyes express feelings without actual conversation. The beauty industry has taken up the challenge to enhance those eyes with many beautiful products like eye liners, eye shades, eyebrow pencils and mascara.

Eyeliner pencil is a classic product which makes the eyes mesmerizing in one go. Beauty stylists and enthusiasts swear by eyeliner pencil to accentuate eyes effortlessly. Eyeliner pencil is often the first ever beauty product purchased by girls.

The eyeliners come in various forms like liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners, eyeliner pencils, and eye shadow eyeliner. Among all these eyeliners, eyeliner pencil is the basic and easiest product to use. Shaky hands and struggling makeup novices can handle eyeliner pencil better than liquid or gel eyeliner products. The best eyeliner pencils come with saturated pigments to make them smudge proof. They also last longer than average eyeliner pencils.

Eyeliner Pencils

How To Pick Perfect Eyeliner Pencil

Choosing for perfect eyeliner is a daunting task. Top reviews do not help much as everyone has a unique requirement and taste when it comes to selecting the perfect eyeliner. Look out for these characteristics in eyeliner before buying them. It should be smooth to drift easily over the eye rather than creating fiction on the eyelid or being scratchy.

Eyeliner pencils are great for every occasion as they give both subtle looks and Smokey eyes. They come in perfect size making it easy to carry around. They come in a range of colors to suit your eye makeup for different occasions. Eyeliner pencils are easier to use and are a practical makeup tools for every season. From the texture, pigmentation to durability of the pigmentation of the eyeliner, pencils are unbeatable products in the market.

Some eyeliner pencils come with shimmer and glitter. They are visible even on the pigmented eyes and easily draw everyone’s attention to beautiful eyes. The pencils do not cause any irritation on the skin or eyes. Chose a water-proof eyeliner pencil to make your eye makeup last longer.

How To Use Pencil Eyeliner

Keep your face and eyes clean before using pencil eyeliner. Apply an eye shadow base on the lids to cover up any imperfections. Hold the outer corner of the eye before applying eyeliner with pencil on your upper lid. Start by drawing a thin line and gradually make it into desired thickness based on your look.

Keep the eyeliner close to the lash line and start at the outer corner and elongate to the inner corner. To draw cat eye or winged styles with eyeliner pencil, make a 45 degree angle at the corner of the eye and mark it in upward direction. Complete the eye makeup with eye shades and mascara to highlight the eyeliner.

Eyeliner pencil is the best product to make Smokey eyes as it blends easily on the skin. Beginners and novice beauty enthusiasts can handle the eyeliner pencil with ease as it does not smudge like liquid eyeliners.

Charles A William