Drug Test Kits: Accuracy That Comes With Comfort

Drug test kit that uses your urine sample is very common to test the presence of drug in your system and to determine your drug history. This is a very common form of drug testing kit and it employed by many families in their home to test for relevant drugs. A standard urine home drug test kit requires your urine sample to be collected in a container and no laboratory apparatus is required for this, all you have to do is to follow the instructions that are written on top of the pack. This is also available for testing of various kinds of drugs. It can be either one, two or three levels of detection and its price varies accordingly. This can be employed to test up to 13 types of drugs and all these kits are FDA cleared.

Drug Test Kits

What you need to know about the test!

This test takes about five minutes to perform. Since each drug testing kit is from a different manufacturer so there is always a slight different procedure for its proper use. So it is necessary to read all the instructions carefully and then take the sample to perform your test.

First, you have to collect your urine sample into a clean and dry container. It is also advisable that you use your strips as soon as possible once you have taken it out of its packaging. Now you have to immerse the strips into the urine sample up to the markings that are present on top of your strips. Hold it for about 10-15 seconds and take it out and put it back into cap and lay it on a flat surface for some time. You will notice some coloured lines start to appear. You can see the results after 5 minutes and when the lines show up in the C region.

Another type of urine drug test can be performed using an iCup. Donor needs to collect a sample of his urine in the cup and put back the lid. Now read its temperature section so as to confirm that it is in the correct temperature range that is about 90 to 100 degree Fahrenheit. This means that specimen which has been taken is fresh. Now put back its security seal and pull off the drug testing label. And if your cup is equipped with adulteration strip it will show its result in 2-4 minutes. These results are correct only if it shows markings in c region that is control region. It means test is successful.

Charles A William