Does Your Child Need Treatment in a Teen Mental Hospital?

Adolescence is a difficult stage in life for teenagers. This is when they are supposed to be young adults, yet the only experience they have had in this life is that of their childhood. This transition to adulthood from childhood can be quite bumpy, confusing and challenging to most teens, including those who appear to have it together.

It is quite unfortunate that while they are struggling to understand this phase, they are surrounded by conflicts and pressures from family, friends and peers, the presence of drugs, school and romantic relationships. Even though most teenagers can go through this phase with relatively little emotional turmoil, there are times when it can all be just too much for the child, resulting in mental health problems.

Teen Mental Hospital

Signs that Your Child Needs treatment in a Teen Mental Hospital

There are several indicators that your child could be struggling with teen mental health problems, and whereas some are quite obvious, others might be hard to notice. Below are some signs that, as a parent or guardian, can tell you whether your child needs to be taken to a proper mental hospital for teens, for assessment and treatment.

  • Changes in Behavior

It is normal for a child to behave differently as he or she moves into adolescence, but if you notice a behavioral change is debilitating, destructive and out of character for your teen, then a mental health issue may be present.

  • Hostility/Anger Issues

If your child is always angry, easily irritable, violent and exhibiting destructive behavior towards others as well as self, you have got to get that child to a mental hospital for teens because he or she needs help. Such hostility, especially without genuine provocation should be taken as a serious red flag on the mental health of a teen.

  • Mood Swings

Mood swings that range from low to high without an observable cause are often a sign that something is not well with the child. Whereas it is typical for teenagers to have occasional mood swings, these normally have a visible cause, like say trouble at school. However, if the mood changes are swinging from depression to mania, and you cannot pinpoint a cause, it’s best to take the child to a mental hospital for teens for assessment.

  • Dropping Grades

Mental illnesses often exhibit lack of concentration as a common symptom. Lack of concentration can have a great influence on the teenager’s ability to get along well with school work. Anxiety, ADD, ADHD and teen depression are just some of the illnesses that may be causing your child to drop in grades.

  • Overly Anxious

Anxiety disorders are common in teenagers and children. Anxiety problems can appear suddenly or develop gradually. Traumatic incidences are often the triggers of sudden onset of anxiety, and these could be anything from a natural disaster to a violent incident, such as an assault or a school shooting. When your teen is often fearful, or appears to be struggling with compulsions or obsessions, take him or her to a teen mental hospital, especially where there has been a traumatic event in your lives.

Charles A William