An Introduction To Sedation Dentistry And Its Benefits

The maximum percentage of population in the world doesn’t like to see themselves in a dentist’s office. This aversion or fear is due to the anxiety that they develop about the painful procedures used by the dentists. However, it was the past and dental clinics Toronto have evolved into facilities where the patient is treated with great care and the dentists try to avoid painful methods with the help of sedatives. Fascinatingly, even teeth cleaning can be done with the help of sedation and one can use the sedation process for root canal treatments also.

Sedation Dentistry

The types

Furthermore, there are different types of sedation dentistry offered by advanced dental clinics such as Carol Waldman Dentistry Toronto; they offer the methods and the visitor can select the one that best suits his interests.

  • Oral sedatives – As the name suggests, these are in the form of pills and the patient is expected to ingest them orally. These types of sedatives will take time to control the anxiety and reduce the pain levels of the body. Generally, it takes 1-2 hours; hence, these are given an hour or more before the dental procedure.
  • Intravenous sedatives – For patients with higher levels of anxiety about the dental procedure and the sedatives, dentist in dentist clinic Toronto will prefer to have intravenous sedatives. These are given in the form of injections and it shows its effect immediately. The good thing about the procedure is, patients seldom remember the procedure at all and walk away with great oral hygiene without the risk of feeling the pain.
  • Gaseous sedatives – The primary gas used for this procedure is Nitrous oxide. One has to remember that this gas cannot completely sedate the individual and one can feel that tingling sensation during the procedure. It is great for minor procedures and the effect will wear off quickly.

Why choose sedation dentistry?

As mentioned earlier, people hesitate to visit dental clinics Toronto due to the fear that has developed in them about the procedures. As a result, the oral hygiene will decline causing tooth erosion, cavities, gum diseases, etc.

The sedation process will permanently remove this fear as the individual cannot feel a thing during the procedure. Moreover, in the case of Intravenous sedation the person can’t even see what is going in the treatment.

Gag reflex is another major reason for people to avoid dentist clinic Toronto; however, with the help of sedation the patient cannot feel a thing and the gag reflex can be taken out of the equation. As the patient will not move or disturb the procedure, it becomes easy for the dentist to rectify the teeth problems. So, it is a great opportunity to take care of the oral hygiene of an individual and choosing sedation dentistry doesn’t even have one drawback.


For those looking for a beautiful set of teeth without the ‘pain’ factor of dentistry; approaching a sedative dentist will bring out the best results. The teeth will become healthy, the smile will come back and one can move with great confidence than before.

Charles A William