All About Steroids And Reviews

In the bodybuilding and sports market steroids act as ace supplements as performance enhancers. Various cutting, bulking, weight reduction drugs are being used and some of the users stack two AAS for better and quick results. However, the downside effects shall be considered.

AAS types & legitimacy

We can list out a few of the AAS say Anavar, Anadrol, Clenbuterol, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, Human Growth hormone (Somatropin), Dianabol, etc. Such anabolic androgenic supplements have a different effect on each body. Generally, women will be more sensitive to such drug, so, minimum dose is enough, whereas men may go for higher doses.  Most of the AAS are Prescription-based only which means the product could be purchased only with the prescription from a medical practitioner. Since most of them are categorized under controlled substances, they have an addictive nature which can be easily misused. You might have seen many underground labs and black markets sell AAS without prescriptions. Buying and selling such illegal drugs are offensive in most of the countries. The USA, Canada, Australia do not allow to buy or sell the drugs, even possession of such AAS is an illicit activity. The AAS holders will be punished as per their country law. The punishment varies from fine to imprisonment.

All About Steroids And Reviews

Before purchasing any AAS, the users, especially beginners shall do online steroid reviews, which will help them to understand better about each AAS, their positive and negative traits, dosage, cycle and available sources, etc. Such reviews will certainly help the users to know about the product’s potential, reliability and the results.

Steroids & reviews

Anavar in its generic name is called as Oxandrolone, a great AAS for cutting cycles. Since it is classified under Schedule III drug, the prescription is must to buy Anavar. Most of the reviews about Anavar are positive. The users say it helps in

  • Lean muscle mass development, increasing strength and reduces body fat.
  • Increased shoulder and arm strength is experienced
  • Reducing stomach fat

Anadrol a.k.a Oxymetholone is an excellent bulking, muscle and strength gaining steroid. The users’ reviews are:

  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Experienced increased strength and mass
  • Obtained hard mass muscle size

Clenbuterol is neither a steroid nor a hormone. It is a drug that mimics the AAS property in weight loss. Actually, clen was used to dilate the bronchioles and treat asthma, then it was impressed by bodybuilders and athletes for weight loss. The users experienced the following effects that are narrated as reviews:

  • Helps extremely in weight reduction, especially belly and stacking with Trenbolone gave an immediate result.
  • Makes to work out for long hours without fatigue and helps to train harder and longer.
  • fat shedding was seen within 2-3 weeks dramatically

Such anabolic androgenic steroids will be more powerful and induce negative side effects. Some do not like to experience such nasty effects. For such people, legal steroid alternative is prescribed. These legal alternatives work as steroids without giving negative side effects. If you are still particular about any AAS read online steroid reviews before starting the cycle.

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