5 Best Fast Food Places To Eat Near Us Premises

Amidst of food variety hype by multiple players in the respective field, one cannot deny the sovereignty hold by quick to ready food. Keeping this factor in an account, we have mapped out a list of top 5 best fast food places to eat near US premises.

MC Donald’s

Being a most popular fast food chain and the top franchise in the world, McDonald’s holds an excellent position when it comes to fast food. With an average sale of 35.2 billion dollars, it has been worded as the restaurant of the future.


With an entrepreneurial mindset, Zev, Jerry & Jordan started the engine of this particular chain. It has been the top coffee provider in the world with a super expansion in different regions of the world. The concept 0f mobile payment in Starbucks is also on the way. You can enjoy both coffees along baked products to trigger your delight in here.

5 Best Fast Food Places To Eat Near Us Premises


Similar to the subway while dealing in the different category of a food product, the subway was originated by Howard Schultz, who has been a top figure in the controversy world these days? Despite such negative news, it did a business of around 11.9 billion dollars in 2014 by selling the mouthwatering sandwiches. Freshly prepared ingredients would be a dream for vegetarians especially.

Burger King

King wouldn’t be a king without being mentioned in the golden books of history. Similarly, burger king enjoys one of a unique position in the world of a food business. While managing its principal operations outsourced, it has encompassed total sales of around 8. Billion dollars in 2014. (Not a bad turnout for the king, prodding delicious burgers)


No doubt, fast food places to ear near US premises would be incomplete, if Wendy is not in the list.  This brand has been targeting millennials for its products, by using the platform of social media in a light of blue ocean strategical mark. Ina addition to providing burger stuff, they have managed to add healthy items which have been an eye catcher for youth. It has helped this chain in gaining a sales turnover of around 8.5 billion dollars.

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