4 fitness gadgets with heart rate monitor for beginners

Today, there are plenty of fitness trackers and similar gadgets to help you improve your health. In order to determine whether you need such a gadget, you should first take a look at more or less affordable accessories, which we present to you below.

heart rate monitor

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

It is the cheapest, the most popular and the most reliable fitness bracelet. Despite some criticism about it, it is very difficult to find a more balanced device for this money. It perfectly works with Android and iOS and you can go to KIJIJI to check iPhone prices. Measurements are not always accurate, though but the price of the gadget might help to dismiss this nuisance. In addition, there is a very nice feature that allows you to introduce the bracelet into the Xiaomi ecosystem by pairing it with the smart scales and the sneakers. Additional plus is that you can unlock your smartphone with the help of this bracelet if you have an Android 5.0 and above and MUI OS. What’s more, you can get notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Price: 18$

37 Degree L18

It is a very interesting Chinese gadget that has the same functionally as the Mi Band, but in addition, it has the ability to meassure pressure using Cardio sensors. L18 can only work in conjunction with smartphones running on Android 4.3 and above and iOS 7 and above.
Price: 19$

TW64 Pro

It is an exact copy of the Fitbit Charge HR. The more known is the previous version without “Pro” in its name, which at some point successfully competed with the Mi Band. The updated TW64 Pro is equipped with a heart rate monitor, the same as that in the Xiaomi device. Roughly speaking, the devices differs from Mi Band only in the presence of a tiny display that shows the clock. However, the display affects the battery life of the gadget so it will not last more than 7 days (compared to 15-20 days in the Mi Band 1S). However, you can remotely control the camera on your smartphone through the display on the bracelet.
Price: 20$

Withings Pulse O2

It is able to measure steps, distance, and calories … In addition, among many functions, the device allows you to measure your pulse rate along with oxygen levels in the blood. However, to do this, it is necessary to remove the device from the bracelet, which is inconvenient. The gadget is equipped with a beautiful OLED-display and can perform the functions of regular watches. There is a variety of interchangeable bracelets to choose from and several design options – as a stylish accessory, this gadget is ready to compete with the Mi Band. Nevertheless, there are some complaints about a low battery life of this device.
Price: 130$

To sum up, we can say that these bracelets can really motivate you to start doing sports and what’s more, some of the are quite affordable. All you need is a smartphone to pair these bracelets with. In this context, you might want to check out some great selection of iPhone 4 smartphones online.

Charles A William