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May 17, 2016


Aniracetam: Pure Awesomeness

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A derivative from Piracetam this is one of my more preferred nootropics on the market. Why? Of course because it’s additional benefits apart from your standard nootropic benefits. First made in the 1970s by Hoffman-La Roche and chemically known as (1(4-methoxybenzoyl)-2-pyrrolidinone) it is 6 times more powerful than Piracetam. This nootropic is considered an ampakine nootropic due to its ability to effectively reduce anxiety. Since its creation it has been…

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Significance Of Using Probiotics

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The awareness about the probiotics supplements is generally low among people. Only few of the people know about the importance of probiotics in the healthy life. In order to stay strong, the immune system of our body should be functioning properly. Taking probiotics will help you to improve the functions of the immune system. What are these probiotics? Generally our body consists of two kinds of bacteria. The good bacteria…